Friday, June 29, 2007

vimobot design contest

our second entry for the vimobot design contest


little kids: " hello mr. SHU give us the best you have"
SHU: " todays flavors are carrots and bubbleguum"
little kids: " but we dont like carrots!"
SHU: " why not?"
little kids: "we want bubble gum"
SHU: " you didnt answer me"
little kids : " give us BUBBLE GUM!"
SHU: " buy carrots!!"
little kids: "we dont want"
little kids: " GIVE US WHAT WE WANT OR ELSE"
SHU: " or else what? you will buy carrots?"
little kids: *BANG BANG*

* kids gather around the icecream machine and starts eating from the bubblegum flavored icecream.*

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