Friday, December 28, 2007

re launching

it's been a long time we didnt upload anything new and this is because we were so busy working on projects for our university assessment. anyways we thought it would be nice to post the other side of us; how to start it ... umm okey since we are two collaborative artists im going to start with

Ibrahem swaid
was working on the following:

  • Personal website..which is going to be officially online on the 29th
.the website is

p.s. its worth looking at.

  • the 6 x 2.7 meters charcoal drawing was a challenging project for ibrahem but he managed really well to work on such a huge scale, the drawing is still in progress . He named it "red VS blue" thats because the drawing is about a continuous dirty war between red and blue.

  • "senior research project" that is about Militainment in video games.
  • and finally the upcoming exhibition that will be running at the college of finearts and design in sharjah,uae, and will be exhibited in Australia. So he is still working on something for this exhibition. *Good luck ibrahem*.

now it's my turn ;
noor abdallah

  • i was planning and working on an installation as my final project for the fall semester, and i guess it went great. The installation consisted of a two life size plushies ; Sad the bear and Joy the rabbit. Both characters are opposites in personality but similar in shape and form.Both characters were installed in a closed white space with the projection of a 30 minutes video of me sitting in the same space sewing "Joy the Rabbit".
  • aside the installation i also finished a 44 pages book about Sad and Joy. Book included drawings of both Sad and Joy, paintings, sculpture, product design, photographs of different arrangement of the plushes in the space " thanks fickilius for helping" , and finally the 30 minutes video attached in the inside of the back cover.

And ofcourse not forgetting that we were both giving time for the fickilians.

and now that we finished from college, we going to be more active in posting our news.

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