Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Evolving Id Project (phase 1)

(Here Are some photographs of "The Evolving Id" Sept-Dec book version)

This book is a documentation of my current sculpture based project "The Evolving Id". It covers the process from 14th Sept till 16th Dec 2008, which includes imagery on morphing a toy horse into a hyena. As we know Hyena’s symbolize immortality, the reversal of normal activities, well known for their dirty habits and many other negative traits. In this project I am portraying this dirty animal in a different way by giving it a different nature, the hyena statue will then evolve into a well-respected, cherished figure. The Id is the part of us that is unconscious; following our Id may lead us to do terrible, unacceptable things. I relate the Id to animals because both of them are uncontrollable.

(Here are some other photos of the work produced for my academic assessment)

Lets Not forget The 40 seconds Video of a 4 months work.

The Process
This project required 4 months to reach this stage. It is important that I take my time producing my artwork as It helps me develop new ideas and find more opportunities to rethink and determine what my work is all about. It’s also the nature of the process that takes time to be done especially if it’s a new medium I have to work with. I did not work continuously on this specific project; I gave it as much time as it requires because I am trying to create a history to this artwork by developing its physical appearance as well as its mentality. It is very important, throughout this work, to give the wrong impression to the viewer, inducing him into thinking that this is a toy. In reality it’s not, the hyena will be portrayed as an important figure that looks like anything but a toy; there will be a butler standing behind the hyena waiting for his majesty to command. The only reason why the viewer will first think that the hyena is a toy is because of its cuteness and its neatness in production. It is most common in the art world that artworks must look messy or handmade to make it look cliché. For me it’s the opposite way, I find it challenging for me to produce an artwork that looks as neat as an industry product. It is very easy for me to work on the hyena in a very random uneven way in stitching, painting, and presenting but that will be very easy to do, and I will face no complications, and that’s not really what I am looking for. This activity made me believe that I may one day become a perfectionist. As I stated before this book only covers the first 4 months period of the process I went through. You’ll be expecting more books about this project because it may take a lot more time than I previously expected.

***Artists that inspire me***

Robert Rauschenberg

Jeff Koons

Elizabeth McGrath

Gary Baseman


Capitoline Wolf

Carlo Zucchi (paintings on the ceilings and walls of the Rundale Palace- Museum)

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