Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Evolving Id

hello everyone,

I'm working on a book that supports my senior project. The book will be a documentation of my current project that i am still working on. "The Evolving Id"; the reason why i chose this title for my book is because the project i am working on is about morphing a sculptured horse into a hyena. And since the "Id" is the part of us that is unconscious and sometimes leads us to do terrible things, in my opinion i relate Id to animals because animals are uncontrollable, and as we know Hyenas symbolize immortality, the reversal of normal activities, they are well known for their dirty habits and many other negative traits. And for that i am creating a new nature for this dirty animal by changing a little in his form and covering him with velvet and other floral textile, he will then evolve into a well respected, cherished figure.

p.s.I will post the whole book when it's done.
More to come.

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