Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fickilius and Fickiliana

Heeeeey :D
I've colored some sketches of our Heroes :D Fickilius the god and Princess Fickiliana :D.
They are both not finished yet , but i couldn't wait to upload Fickilius being aggressive !!! HOW CUTEEE, and Fickiliana looking sweet and all, but you never know what she's hiding :D

keep coming back to check the development of the characters.



Chris Bomely said...


Cant wait to see what you got next!

keep it up.


Bradford Rigby (EyeSeaThings) said...

I love you character sketches! What do you use to color them? It looks like illustrator but feels like photoshop.

fickilians said...

Thanks Chris glad you like the work.

Bradford we use Illustrator to color our characters. :D

nokhook said...

I like it!