Monday, June 29, 2009

"ICE Cubed Trees" System

Hiii all

I came up with this idea "Ice Cubed Trees System" that will please the farmers of The Fickilians.

First I will talk about the Ice cubes and from where they come from:

- these special ice cubes are taken from a far far away place where you find all kinds of rocks and mountains that are all made of ice.
- Every year The Fickilians must go to this place in order to gather as much ice as they could. (quantity that would be enough for them for a whole year).
- In order to go to this place The Fickilians form a specialized group in skiing and then send them there.
-The dangers of this place are:
*waking up the big boss of the big ice mountains.
*Maximum time spent there wont exceed 3 days or else..... { The Fickilians never knew what happened to the ones who never got back }

and now i will talk about the system and how it works:

- Once the Ice is available to the farmers, the farmers community get all together to choose "The Farmer of All Farmers". The chosen Fickilian will be the one in control of all the farmers who are going to work on the "ice cubed trees system". Farmers who wont agree to work with this system and prefer to stay working with the traditional way of watering trees will be sent to the Big Boss of Big Ice Mountains.
-After shaping all the available ice into ice cubes they then place them over all trees that need watering. The cubes start to melt once "The Farmer of All Famers" wish to push the "melting process button", He controls when the cubes melt and by this way he is controling the amount of water given to each tree everytime.

This is just a concept. a detailed version (an improved version) of this concept will drawn soon.

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